We Offer Multiple Types Of Funding and Real Estate Investment Loans - Which Works Best For You And Your Business?

Looking For An Experienced And Flexible Partner To Help You Fund Your Real Estate Deals? Look No Further!

We know that every entrepreneur is different, every real estate business is unique, and every deal requires a tailored approach. That is exactly why we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we want to give you a variety of real estate investment loan options to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for expert assistance as well as investment, or you’re looking to work with individual investors - we’ve got you covered.

Find The Solution That Works Best For You And Your Situation:

Deals under $100k

We know how frustrating it is to find a good deal that happens to be REALLY cheap. We offer real estate investment loans for properties under $100k that most lenders do not offer. That has been our bread and butter in our own flipping business and understand the need. 

Gap Funding

Gap Funding is one of the hardest investing types to find but it happens to be the one that we specialize in. Our real estate investment gap funding option allows you to conduct real estate deals that you otherwise would not have been able to do - let’s bridge that gap!

Valuable Expertise

Getting investment from an expert doesn’t just offer monetary value, but also the value of experience which is priceless. After years of making real estate deals, an expert team can provide you with the helping hand you need to execute a successful real estate deal.

Why Should You Choose Gap Funding Solutions To Fund Your Project?

Gone are the days where you have to jump through countless administrative hoops to get the financial assistance you need. We lend mostly on an asset basis with some weighting on the experience of the lendee. We want it to be as simple and efficient as possible!

We Value Efficiency

We aren’t here to burn a hole in your pocket just as you’re getting your hands on some investment. We opt to not charge any fees that other lenders charge, we know how much they can add up and deter borrowers. We are upfront with what we charge for real estate investment loans - what you see is what you get with us!

We Charge No Hidden Fees

We don’t want to just be seen as an investor to you, we want to be your partner. We care about you and your project and we want to see you succeed. When we offer a hard money loan for a real estate investment, we don’t just want to lend you money and wash our hands with you - we want to guide you through every step of the process with the help of our invaluable resources.

We're Not Just A Lender

Our unique selling point is the fact that we are privately owned. This means that we can afford to be flexible and adaptable, we have room to get creative with you and your ideas. In our eyes, there’s no such thing as a ‘tough deal’ - just a creative solution in the making!

We Get Creative

Introducing Our Founder: Tony Javier

Tony Javier, the Founder and CEO of Gap Funding Solutions, has been a Real Estate Investor since 2001! With over 20 years of experience, Tony has flipped thousands of houses and has over a hundred properties in his portfolio.

This might sound out of reach for new real estate professionals, but before becoming a real estate genius - Tony was waiting tables. It wasn’t until he discovered a system that taught him how to buy properties without the need for a down payment that he launched his career in 2001 in the world of real estate.

Fast forward to today, Tony only works 5 hours a week on his INC 5000 Rated Real Estate Investment Company and spends the rest of his time living the dream in San Diego - miles away from his flipping business. He now teaches, coaches, and motivates thousands of others on Real Estate and Business Automation. You could be the next!

But Don’t Just Take It From Us…

- Darrell -

- Benjamin -

"It has been straight forward and simple. Very helpful in making things happen."

"Tony knows his stuff. Super easy. Less capital out of my own pocket. Highly Recommend."

- Darel & Donna -

- Micah -

"It was simple and smooth. Tony helped us tremendously. Great resource for people."

"I had such a good deal, I did not want it to go to waste. This is what I needed at the right time."

Hear from those who have had their real estate deals funded by us, it could be your turn next!

Frequently Asked Questions

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A. We mostly specialize in gap funding loans under $100,000. We are filling a huge need for down payment money that is needed to help Real Estate Investors get their deals done! If you need 1st mortgage help we have resources for that as well.

A. We specialize in residential lending but would look at commercial deals as long as they are value add properties and not purchased at market value.

A. The founder Tony Javier has done close to 1,000 flips and done hundreds of private lending deals. You will not only get a loan, but also use our experience to make sure you deal is a profitable as it can be.

A. We lend mostly based on the property but we also like to be comfortable with the person we are lending to as well. You can submit a property to us and answer a few questions about yourself.

A. Every deal is different, so we do not have set terms. We evaluate the deal, the risk, the borrower and the amount of money involved to quote terms. We do like to do short term loans between 6 months to 12 months.

A. We typically do not charge any points or fees up front or even when the loan is complete. There are exceptions where we may charge a small upfront fee for attorneys fees.

A. We lend our own funds mainly. If we are out of funds which does happen, we do bring in partners to invest in deals with us. So if we are out of funds, your deal could be subject to us finding a partner for the deal. Funds are subject to availability as there is a huge demand for our loans.

We now offer 1st Position lending so you can do 100% financing with us!