I remember early on when I was trying to grow my business. I was wearing all the hats in my business. On top of that, I did not know where to get help. I had to figure out things on my own.

I had many sleepless nights and I won't forget those long 14 hour days. Doing business alone was stressful and I often felt lonely. 

After 10 years of banging my head against the wall trying to figure out this business, I put my ego aside and started asking for help and going to masterminds and that's when his business changed dramatically.

I went from wearing all the hats to having a self-running Real Estate Investing business within about four years. 

I attribute this all to asking for help and leaning on a community. I was learning from others mistakes and I did not feel like I was doing it alone anymore. 

Not only that, being around others that had businesses that ran way better than me was motivating and inspiring and I learned a lot from them.

If I had issues in my business, I knew where to turn for advice. I was also able to see what the top investors in the country were doing and could just copy and paste.  

Now it’s your turn to take off the countless hats you’re wearing, and give yourself a breath of fresh air. Our real estate investment coaching can help you learn how to grow faster by working smarter and leveraging a group of skilled Real Estate investors.

Tony Javier

Founder and INC 5000 Business Owner

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Need down payment funds for your Real Estate Deals? We provide creative funding and lending for real estate investments, with private money- including down payments & funding for smaller projects under $100k that most will not touch. 


In this podcast I discuss Real Estate investment strategies, logistics, and how we can all scale with other investors. Join us as we tackle some of the most common questions in the industry.


Looking for an easier way to get better leads? With our proven scripts and experienced media buyer, getting your own TV commercial on air is a lot easier than you might think!


Need a community and Board of Advisors for you business? Join some of the top Real Estate investors in the country with weekly and monthly meetings and a discussion board. This real estate investment coaching opportunity is an absolute must!


The Real Estate Mastermind will help you:

  • Network with high level business owners
  • Make more money every month
  • Aquire the tools you need to build your own business
  • Learn from the best of the industry
  • Build an automated business
  • And so much more...

Real Estate Mastermind

Gap Funding for real estate investments is our specialty! We understand how hard it can be to find gap funding and that's where we come in! We lend private money so we have more flexibility than most and help you get deals closed that you wouldn't have been able to otherwise. 




The Gap Funding Solutions difference is that when we do asset based lending for real estate investments, we don't charge any junk fees or interest, we want to be your partner, and we are more flexible than most lenders. This means that there are less hoops for you to jump through, you have an experienced team with over 1000 flips under their belt working with you, and we lend our own money so we can do deals that more traditional lenders wouldn't look at. 

Tune in each week to listen to me and other Real Estate entrepreneurs discuss best practices in order to exponentially grow your business. 

Some of the topics that we cover are:

  • How to close more deals
  • Making more money every month
  • Wholesaling 
  • Saving on taxes
  • Building an automated business
  • And so much more...


Use TV commercials to reach 10x the amount of people faster and with less effort than other forms of marketing.

The REM 10x TV program will help you:

  • Build an automated marketing channel
  • Target the right demographics
  • Get into the best way to scale your business
  • Produce and Edit your commercials
  • And so much more...

Real Estate Masters 10X TV

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REM Mastermind Live 2023!

REM Live 2023! Is taking our Virtual Mastermind and bringing it to you in real time. Ask your questions and listen as like-minded individuals discuss best practices and different ways to succeed in this industry. Growth and collaboration are key components of our Mastermind!

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Learn. Live. Give. Grow.

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Meet with high level Real Estate investors to discuss all of your marketing, systems, and operations questions and best practices. We are a group of like-minded people who want to help each other succeed in this industry with tips, networks, real estate investment funding information, and more.