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It’s officially your turn to be part of this successful community and learn from the best. 


Welcome To The REM Mastermind!

Check out the value we have provided to some of our members! 

"I like to surround myself with smart people. It's tremendously valuable for me to grow into markets."

- Erik Bee -

"There is no egos in the room. It is a recipe for magic. It is all high level and focused."

- Greg Helbeck -

"It's been a place to grow and scale our business. We can see what is working in other markets."

- Andrew Lucas -

"Problems that would've taken 3-4 years to figure out, we eliminated in 3-4 months."

- Chad Young -

"You need to join... Get the shortcuts to where you want to be faster."

- Shane Swanberg -

"Networking with like-minded individuals has really energized me and increased my business."

- Sean Struck -

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"I am always surprised the volume someone is doing and systems they have."

- John Paul -

"There are motivated, ambitious and smart people that are open minded."

- Jenny Frank -